Solfinn: Hello guys! :)
Lauritzen94: Hey :-)
Indiankobran: So how are the trophies in this game and is it an easy or hard platinum trophy?
Indiankobran: Im not that into getting the full sync in AC games anymore. I have done it before but now I feel more like focusing on other platinums.
Indiankobran: My next platinum trophy will probably be Bloodborne. I have platinumed Dark Souls and Dark Souls II so I feel like getting another one in that collection.
Indiankobran: Im definetly gonna go for the Scolar of the first sin platinum as well.
Indiankobran: When do you plan to play the GTA Heists in the stream?
Indiankobran: And have you tried them yet Magnus?
Indiankobran: I playing them with Max and Nick now and you don't have to complete them with the same people.
Kawatta-kun: testing
Kawatta-kun: oh finally im in the chat, hi
Indiankobran: I think they are really fun to play with friends but so far there has been alot of trouble getting them to work.
Indiankobran: By the way Magnus. Do you have any news about the Game of Thrones code that I won in the stream?
sejefyr: Hey Magnus :)
sejefyr: and everyone else ;)
sejefyr: Solfinn do you now about my code for cod: aw?
Indiankobran: Awesome, thanks alot!
sejefyr: AC: Rouge is the only ac game I havent completed yet, should do it soon
Kawatta-kun: did anybody said rouge? :P
sejefyr: I dont like to sail around
sejefyr: sry mean rogue
sejefyr: Brotherhood is the best AC game ever
Indiankobran: Agreed.
Kawatta-kun: I'm one of the few who loves AC Liberation HD tho :P
sejefyr: the HD is good, but the vita versions online mode just sucks
PlaystationFreak: My favorite is Assassin's Creed III :D
Kawatta-kun: indeed, the chain mecanic in HD is a bit pointless, and I never thouched the Vita version
Adoo: Hi GR
sejefyr: Hey Adoo
Adoo: Så this is the pc version
Adoo: sp*
Kawatta-kun: slightly? I've seen comparisons, the port it's actually much better than AC4 itself. All settings maxed out in a good PC and it remains 60fps.
Kawatta-kun: if black flag had more time, it would be a good port just like this one
sejefyr: they could wait a half year with the games, and not a game almost every year
Kawatta-kun: indeed. I love the franchise but the yealy thing is... ugh : /
sejefyr: people will still buy the game, if they love the franchise
PlaystationFreak: what if the game is so bad that they dont love the franchise anymore?
Kawatta-kun: it is a good point, but what can we say, they keep giving good stories tho, but the ports keep getting worst, specially with new engines like Unity's
sejefyr: there was a lot of problems with unity online part, and think there are still some issue
Kawatta-kun: in other hand, FarCry4 had a decent port xD
Kawatta-kun: we are on patch 5 now : )
PlaystationFreak: and I still can't play Unity :(
Kawatta-kun: i'm waiting for the baguette edition :) (the full game xD)
sejefyr: have they released a date for the china dlc?
Adoo: AC: Rogue for PS4 and XboxOne have to come out very soon. Before the hype for the next AC starts, otherwise this game will mot sell.
Kawatta-kun: not yet, wich is a bit wierd sejefyr. But must be sreally soon
Adoo: not*
PlaystationFreak: china dlc? I think it was standalone game.
Adoo: It was standalone.
PlaystationFreak: coming with season pass but there ain't season pass anymore
Kawatta-kun: and ACRogue wont be out for next-gen. They specially said why it was on last-gen, that's why on next-gen it won't be. Most likely
Kawatta-kun: china is also standalone, just as parte of Unity's season pass
Kawatta-kun: part*
Adoo: It will be easy money for them.
sejefyr: why not give us the first couple of games in hd for ps4 /xbox ;)
Kawatta-kun: because it will be a "treason" for the PS3/360 players xD
PlaystationFreak: I think that they will remaster some games to PS4
Kawatta-kun: also, remastered games? god no
PlaystationFreak: like HD Collection
PlaystationFreak: why not? :D
Kawatta-kun: please no. The games are awesome as they are. Then yes i can be part of the people who keep telling Ubisoft is milking...
sejefyr: i would buy it, but hope they cut off the online part
Kawatta-kun: and the online part has a big community, i'm part of it :)
PlaystationFreak: never played any ac online
Kawatta-kun: you should try it, it's still the most unique multiplayer there is. It's no first person shooter deathmatch for a change
Indiankobran: So what do you think about Rouge, Magnus?
sejefyr: the old ac games is better online than unity and black flag, but like the wolfpack
Kawatta-kun: still today people play in the older games
PlaystationFreak: unity is unpolished, online or not.
Kawatta-kun: the ac:brotherhood is the most balanced multiplayer, ac4 is the most fun. And the worst is generally AC3, but it can still be fun to play nowadays.
Adoo: AC set in WW2.
PlaystationFreak: won't work
Adoo: Why?
Kawatta-kun: WW2, lame. Now i do need to play valiant hearts set in WW1 :3
PlaystationFreak: western AC :D
Kawatta-kun: part of AC4's sucess was being about pirates xD
Kawatta-kun: ubisoft really should create a world about pirates, a new IP, using black flag's engine.
Kawatta-kun: that yes, I agree
Adoo: WW2 setting would be awesome. Historical period, alot of assassinating. Working for the underground freedom fighters.
PlaystationFreak: too modern
Kawatta-kun: the thing is, WW2 is waaaaaaaaaay overdone, and that's why Valiant Hearts is in WW1, for a change.
PlaystationFreak: they should go back to egypt
Kawatta-kun: egypt is being done in comics, so no need.
Kawatta-kun: the darts
Adoo: Overdone? Not many WW2 game nowadays.
sejefyr: will you platinum this game Magnus?
Kawatta-kun: *points at all the CoD and modern fps through the years*
Adoo: Im ready for WW2 again. Morden day and future is overdone.
Adoo: YES!
Kawatta-kun: well i guess future is being just as overdone as WW2 in it's time, then
Kawatta-kun: the thing is everyone knows WW2 = Hittler, but no one knows about WW1
Kawatta-kun: yup
Adoo: WW1 setting would also be awesome.
PlaystationFreak: unless its a WW1 slide-show
PlaystationFreak: lol
Kawatta-kun: slide show? Hopefully not a steam early access game...
PlaystationFreak: well my experience about unity was a slide-show
Adoo: wow. Was it really that bad.
PlaystationFreak: and if anyone remembers, AC2 runs terribly on PS3
Kawatta-kun: got that :v
Kawatta-kun: i heard about that PSFreak, luckly i played it on PC, a bad PC actually, run cool
PlaystationFreak: frames, but nearly nobody didnt noticed it
Kawatta-kun: because "back in the day" nobody cared so much about framerate and resolutions so, if just for a slight framerate slowdown, it wasn't noticeable
PlaystationFreak: yeah
PlaystationFreak: but still framerates and res are big parts of the game
sejefyr: you can blend it with people and kill him from there
Kawatta-kun: it is, but before it wasn't so much because nobody cared for it in the news
Kawatta-kun: dat AI
Adoo: I think solid 30 fps is just fine. Never had a problem with that.
Kawatta-kun: it was always the norm in consoles yeah. But since someone get's 60, it's hard to go back sometimes xD
PlaystationFreak: if its solid. wait, is Magnus still an assassin!?
Indiankobran: So where do you see the next AC take place?
Kawatta-kun: Shay doesn't really betray the order, but "things" happen and they are kind of betraying eachother-- just play the game xD
Adoo: London
PlaystationFreak: you mean Victory? London
Indiankobran: I would like to see the origin story of the Assassins.
PlaystationFreak: hope they dont screw it so bad techincally as they did with unity
Kawatta-kun: i played for 5, and i think it was in the 4th that finally shay is "out" of the assassins. But not really a templar yet
Kawatta-kun: Indian the origin story is in the original AC lol
Kawatta-kun: all the fans are CRAVING for modern story in Victory
Indiankobran: No, Altair was not the first assassin.
Kawatta-kun: altair was not the first assassin, but it was the first with a new kind of assassin order
PlaystationFreak: so you want the story about the first assassin?
Indiankobran: Yeah but I want to see the very beginning.
PlaystationFreak: that's a same thing you want a story about the first dinosaur
Kawatta-kun: it's kinda useless to know about the first assassin since it's not the same since altair's time
Kawatta-kun: but hey, assassin's creed wikia, read it! It's all there :)
Indiankobran: Yeah, I should do that.
Kawatta-kun: there are stories about assassin's before altair, but are non-canon (comics)
PlaystationFreak: Trying to remember anwsers to a game that you played back in 2007 :lol:
Kawatta-kun: assassins*
Kawatta-kun: connor is actually a lot interesting, but people in general don't care about that kind of people living in the woods...
PlaystationFreak: I like it when there's connection between the games
PlaystationFreak: you can call it then a sequel
Kawatta-kun: what games for example PSFreak?
PlaystationFreak: ac games
Kawatta-kun: well they are all sequells. What you can call spinoffs are the mobile ones in PSP and NDS.
Kawatta-kun: although liberation HD is really an abstergo product, it's featured in AC4 as abstergo's product and all
PlaystationFreak: Well spin-off's are okay if they have a connection to the lore
Kawatta-kun: they don't because the modern sotry SUCKED, that's why Dx and i haven't yet played
Kawatta-kun: story*
Kawatta-kun: it all about the modern story, but ubisoft forgot about it
PlaystationFreak: I loved ACIII's modern day missions
Kawatta-kun: but hten, rogue came along, and the modern story is a sequel to black flag
Kawatta-kun: then*
PlaystationFreak: yeah, like the abstergo way, its a good idea
PlaystationFreak: but they should make modern missions more like ACIII. First-person walking and hacking was too bad.
Adoo: Will we see AC Victory gameplay this E3?
Kawatta-kun: the one's who know about the real modern story say this: we hope to see Galine in a videogame
Kawatta-kun: Galina*
PlaystationFreak: Of course we will
Kawatta-kun: Galina might be the next modern day assassin, the next important one.
PlaystationFreak: what do you think, will we see Desmond in Victory?
PlaystationFreak: as a ghost
Kawatta-kun: Desmond is not "vanished"
Kawatta-kun: remember his arm... ;)
Kawatta-kun: and the new hopefully is Galina as I said <3
Kawatta-kun: not "us" as a player, personally sick of that xD
PlaystationFreak: Magnus, do you know that Unity and Rogue have a connection?
Kawatta-kun: they do. The end of rogue
PlaystationFreak: its in the end but i will not spoil it
Kawatta-kun: unfortunatly i know the ending, not yet played it
PlaystationFreak: dont watch it on youtube
Kawatta-kun: you'll be "...woah"
PlaystationFreak: you must do it yourself
Kawatta-kun: i read the spoiler via AC Wikia, i mean, DO NOT READ ARNO'S BIO IN AC WIKIA
Kawatta-kun: it will spoil
Kawatta-kun: right in the first lines of text, i got so mad
Kawatta-kun: just fast travel xD
Kawatta-kun: fast travel for long distance, don't use fast travel if you want to sail and gather materials. It's what I do :3
Kawatta-kun: actually i do miss these loading screens, too bad they removed it in Unity...
PlaystationFreak: magnus try pressing running button fast in the loading screens
PlaystationFreak: looks so funny
Adoo: Do you think this will come to nex-gen, Magnus?
Kawatta-kun: yeah, it's the kind of loading screens when u do something at least. Just a black screen doing "loading" is a bit lame :(
PlaystationFreak: The Birth of the New World collection should come to Next-Gen
Kawatta-kun: if it comes about money, it will come. And it will be the first time a game is remastered "just" for money.
Kawatta-kun: since all other games that are bundled, or even remastered, had a porpuse.
Kawatta-kun: the vita one is a great achievement, a proper remaster AND a proper cost, with more.
Kawatta-kun: if they want to remaster something, maybe bloodlines for PSP would be the best idea
PlaystationFreak: they stopped making PSP :DD
PlaystationFreak: Vita it would be
Kawatta-kun: i know, im just saying because i never had a PSP for example and never played bloodlines, yet xD and bloodlines touch in the altair's life, it's canon
Kawatta-kun: vita for sony it's just an add-on for PS4 tho, it's sad.
Adoo: A lot of games need to be remastered. Games like Fallout 3 and Skyrim. :)
Kawatta-kun: the sneak boton is called vor many years indeed xD
PlaystationFreak: no. they must make sequels to them!
Kawatta-kun: Adoo if everyone thought like that, no more new IP's for anyone in a long time ^^' no offense
PlaystationFreak: One thing I liked in Unity was the awesome Murder Mysteries
Kawatta-kun: actually you did well with the messenger
Kawatta-kun: because if not you had to be almost perfect in the running section
Adoo: maybe.... they could outsource it to smaller dev.
Kawatta-kun: wich can be annoying
Adoo: Just give os fullHD and 60fps
Kawatta-kun: Adoo it's called #PCMasterRace
Adoo: hehehehe.. true.
Adoo: Don't have a Master Race PC
PlaystationFreak: yes have a Master race PC
PlaystationFreak: if you want 60+fps and high resolutions
Kawatta-kun: I finally got out of my laptop and ivested in a good PC, for gaming and working. Officially in the #PCMasterRace
Adoo: I sure PS4 can run Skyrim in fullHD and 60fps easily.
Kawatta-kun: ah ah ah... with low-medium graphics perhaps
PlaystationFreak: Skyrim? How about new games?
Kawatta-kun: also the true skyrim experience is in PC because tons of mods. Like, tons. You are not playing the full game if you do not try dem mods xD
Kawatta-kun: PSFreak touche
Adoo: with good optimization, maybe better than that.
Kawatta-kun: Adoo, it can't, it won't. You don't know PS4 inside :)
Adoo: Mods are not the true skyrim.
Adoo: Mods make the game fake in a way.
Kawatta-kun: but fighting a train instead of a dragon it's hilarious tho 8P
PlaystationFreak: yeah mods are bullsht
PlaystationFreak: true sons of skyrim do vanilla
Kawatta-kun: what about mods that make the game actually better?
PlaystationFreak: i was just kidding :D
Adoo: only mods that make the game run better is fine.
Kawatta-kun: if you have the rig for it, it's possible to make skyrim graphics just as good as Crysis
Kawatta-kun: yeah you should have someone :3
PlaystationFreak: What platform?
PlaystationFreak: CoD
Adoo: Goodbye everybody.
PlaystationFreak: okay
PlaystationFreak: bye
Kawatta-kun: see ya o/
PlaystationFreak: Magnus, Rogue starts when you get to be a templar :D so the best is ahead
PlaystationFreak: Bye evrone
Solfinn: Goodbye and thanks for watching everyone :)